About us

BambooWhat is BALANCE?
The mission of Balance Yoga & Wellness is to provide high-quality yoga instruction in a safe, inclusive, non-competitive environment where all types of students can learn and grow.

In the heart of mid-city New Orleans, BALANCE is an urban oasis dedicated to the development of healthy bodies, clear minds, and elevated spirits through yoga and other healing modalities.

Is BALANCE for you?
Yes!  BALANCE offers a wide variety of yoga styles to meet all types of bodies and personalities. Our teachers can help you find the best practice for you.

BALANCE is more than a yoga studio:
– BALANCE is inclusive; it embraces all traditions and looks for unity in diversity. It’s a warm and supportive environment for you to realize the highest potentials of your body, mind and spirit.

– There are a variety of ways to do this:  ayurveda for your diet and health; massage for your muscles; yoga for your body and mind; pranayama to clear and stabilize your mind.

– BALANCE creates community; it is the people who bring the good energy to the space.  When you are at your best, you are better for the world around you.

What does BALANCE believe?
We believe the best teachers are eternal students.  We strive to continuously enrich our knowledge. For this reason, we love the individual contribution of each person and welcome the opportunity to work together.  We believe that yoga is a physical, philosophical, mental and spiritual practice.  The ability to tune into one’s own needs and find the right personal practice is crucial to achieving balance.  We are here to help you do that.