Amanda Bennett

Amanda lived on the island of Oahu for nearly three years where she worked as a home health nurse while completing her Teacher Training program in Hatha Yoga at Shanti Yoga.  She read The Eight Human Talents by Gurmukh, and fell in love with Kundalini Yoga.  Determined to learn and grow with Kundalini Yoga, she developed her Kundalini practice by following the teacher training intensives on the Big Island of Hawaii with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett attending Summer Solstice at Ram Das Puri in New Mexico.  She currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, where her biggest yoga influence is a daily home practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  She is practicing her fifth 40-day Kundalini meditation and recently completed a 40-day practice of Awakening to your Ten Bodies Kriya.  She enjoys practicing Anusara, restorative, and vinyasa classes at Balance Yoga and Wellness.   She has developed several workshops and yoga courses including Sailing Through the Blues I, II, and III; Totally Intuitive Tarot, and 5-week and introductory Kundalini yoga courses.

“My yoga practice has helped me maintain a sense of groundedness and peace amidst chaos, challenge, and profound life changes.  My yoga practice is the touchstone I return to again and again, whether life is showering me with rose petals or scratching me with thorns.”