Laura Jarrait Flora

Laura Flora

Laura Jarrait Flora, RYT – 500 and Certified BodyTalk® Practitioner.  I teach yoga and do healing work to help people live more skillful, purposeful, and enjoyable lives. I started practicing Iyengar yoga in 1996 when I moved to New Orleans and immediately found that yoga practice and this city provided me a welcome reprieve from my perfectionist tendencies. On the mat, I became much less concerned with what I could and couldn’t do and instead simply enjoyed the process of being a present, curious explorer of the terrain first of my body and ultimately of my mind and spirit. During my evacuation from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I took my first Anusara® yoga class and was immediately turned on to the interweaving of uplifting, practical philosophy and skillful, accessible alignment instructions that helped me change the way I relate to myself, others, and life in key ways. I dedicated the next years of my study to becoming certified as an Anusara teacher. I continue to use much of this elegant system as well as further studies in Tantric philosophy, BodyTalk, and effective alignment techniques from various disciplines to guide students into a fun exploration of the intelligent liveliness housed in body, mind, and spirit.  In my classes, you will receive sound and effective alignment instructions that help you build self-awareness, inspiration that challenges you to safely explore your edges, and practical and occasionally humorous, insights into living your life as a purposeful, joyful adventure.  Read more about me and my offerings at .

Laura Flora in hanumanasana

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Christine Ewy January 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm

I would like to set up a private consult with Laura Flora. Thanks!