Want to Live Longer? Consider Our Teacher Training

By Jessica Blanchard

My Beauty is My Imperfection

You've noticed that most yoga studios offer teacher training courses. Our training goes beyond training yoga teachers. Our training establishes a foundation of knowledge that will support and improve the rest of your life. 

The more I learn about the science behind health, the more I'm committed to teaching authentic yoga. This means that we don't jump on the latest yoga bandwagon (goat yoga, beer yoga, etc). Balance is committed to offering yoga that's grounded in science and tradition.  

Rather than offering temporary trick and hacks (which are all over the place on the internet). Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, offer comprehensive philosophies for living. Confusion arises when you're given a lot of hacks without a foundation to hold onto. Through a comprehensive training over nine months, you'll develop a strong foundation in several key areas.

Here are four things that have nothing to do with teaching yoga, but will make you a happier and healthier human (thus a better yoga teacher). These are correlated with living longer, healthier lives.  (Learn more about this here and here.

  • Learn a Philosophy of Health 
  • Establish Your Purpose
  • Slow Down with Solitude
  • Find Your Community

Learn a Philosophy of Health with Ayurveda and Yoga

Learning how to use yoga and Ayurveda in your everyday life can drastically improve your health. Many of us have health problems that don't qualify as "medical" problems, yet they impact our ability to live happy lives. Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, is backed by thousands of years of use. Ayurveda teaches a framework for looking at the world, and how to observe your own patterns. When you understand your health ailments in the context of the framework, you're able to change your diet and lifestyle to get rid of those problems. 

On this training you'll learn a solid foundation in Ayurveda. Each weekend we dive into one of its large topics. I began studying Ayurveda in 2003 when I lived in France. I completed a practitioner's training program in France and India. 

This year, Peter learned how to use Ayurveda and Pranayama to beat his migraines.

Peter K.

2019 TT Graduate

The pranayama and Ayurveda really helped me with my migraines. I actually had been considering applying to this training the year previous, but had been getting migraines too frequently to pursue it (more than half of the days of the month). Jessica’s pranayama recommendations and just generally eating more for my dosha has further reduced and essentially completely eliminated the migraines!

Establish (or Broaden) Your Purpose

Do Your Dharma

Made by students of the Net NoLA after a yoga class

When you can dig deep to uncover your purpose, you come to understand the motivation behind your actions. Learning and practicing yoga doesn't mean that your purpose will become to teach yoga. Instead, in the training we teach you many different ways of developing inner awareness. Through meditation and pranayama (yogaic breathing exercises) you clear the clutter from your vision. Through learning to be still, you can uncover your purpose. 

In the yoga training, we use yoga's philosophy to dig into concepts like dharma. We also use the philosophy to inform how we look at the world. For example, what are the motivations behind what you do. Are you motivated by money? Are you motivated to make the world a better place? 

People who understand why they live in the world tend to live longer. It doesn't have to be a lofty goal, simply having a reason to live that you believe in.

Slow Down with Solitude

In our hyper-connected world, it's increasingly rare to spend time alone, with our own thoughts without input from others. Yet, solitude has been a part of human life for thousands of years. In his book Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport discusses the change in our consciousness that's taken place as we become more connected to screens and less to our inner lives. 

You might be vaguely aware that you spend any downtime looking at your phone. Being externally focused also leads to excess stress and anxiety. Stress can chronic inflammation are related to most diseases. In our Yoga Teacher Training, you'll learn concrete methods from yoga and pranayama. We'll help you to find moments in your day when you can put down your phone and meditate or breathe. 

In addition to learning how to be alone, you'll develop deep connections to others in your training. 

Trisha B.

2019 TT Graduate

The camaraderie with my fellow trainees also became very valuable.  I think it’s very important to be able to trust your fellow yogis & yoginis in training.  It felt more comfortable to practice and ask questions, etc; as well as provides a sense of support and community moving forward.

Find Your Community 

Strong social support is consistently linked to longevity and better mental health.  Balance Yoga is committed to fostering community through yoga. In the last hundred years, society has become more secularized. We do more online and less in person. Yet, humans are inherently social creatures. We need time with others. We need the connections. We need a places to find like-minded folks. Sean Ambrose, a Balance YTT Graduate, friend, and student of philosophy, pointed out how Balance Yoga was a place in the community where people could gather to find connection. 

We share a garden, a practice, a space and a home. In this we have the potential for safety in community, a safety that can heal. We challenge each other, asking the hard questions and process through conflicts, both personal and historical. We share meals, stories, and do life together. It is way more than just exercise, it is a form of family, an environment of bond. As a student of the Eastern and Western traditions, gleaning from the shoulders of giants and the wombs of mothers, this is our most pressing concern, this is the Yoga of relationship. The community at Balance will always be a taproot of such authenticity and discovery, of such joy and suffering where compassion becomes practice.    ~Sean Ambrose 

The teacher training in particular fosters community within the group, because we meet at least once per month. Many of the students develop friendships outside of the training. Many of the students continue to pursue mentorships with us and teach at the studio. 

Trisha B.

2019 TT Graduate

if it weren’t for this YTT, I may have never discovered/explored this studio, and I truly LOVE Balance as a yoga studio!  The warm, friendly, low-key, down-to-earth, at-home vibe is exactly what I want and need in a studio.  What a gem.  So grateful to have found a little yoga home here.

Now Over to You

Time keeps ticking.

If you want to learn more about yoga, now is the time. In one year you could take big steps along your chosen path. Or you could wait. 

This is the last year we'll offer the training in this form (Next year I'll hopefully be in medical school).


Our yoga teacher training starts in September, and the early bird deadline is July 31st.  


Here's where you apply.

Learn more about our Teacher Training at our Information Session: Sunday July 14th at 5:30pm.  Here you'll meet past trainees, Jessica & Mikhayla and ask any lingering questions

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