Class levels

At Balance Yoga & Wellness you will find yoga classes that are appropriate to your level of experience.   All classes are sequenced intelligently to help you best absorb the yoga teachings.   The following class levels will help you to find a class level that is appropriate to you.  Visit our Class Descriptions page to find out more about the styles of yoga that we offer.

ALL – Classes that are designed to accommodate all levels of practitioners.  Modifications will be offered for all postures.

Intro – The Balance Yoga Intro to Yoga series is a six week course that is designed to introduce the new student to the basics of hatha yoga, including postures, yogic breathing and basic philosophy.

L1 – Level 1 classes are designed for the beginning or continuing student who wants to learn more about basic postures, breathing and correct alignment.

L2 – Level 2 classes are for the intermediate yoga student.  They are designed to push one’s limit physically, mentally and energetically to foster growth and transformation.  Classes marked “flow” and “vinyasa” will move at a slightly faster pace with the breath.

L2/L3 – Level 2/3 are for the strong intermediate or advanced student.    Classes marked “flow” and “vinyasa” will have a more dynamic pace.  These classes will introduce students to more advanced yoga postures and concepts.