Mardi Gras is over.  

You're ready to prioritize your health — to energize your body and calm your mind.


Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’ve tried many diets and cleanses on my own but I just can’t stick to a program. ”

“I enjoyed Mardi Gras, but now I'm paying the price — I've gained five pounds and my motivation disappeared.”

“I want to do something to get fit and more energetic but don’t know where to start.”

It’s easy to read about different diets and “kick starts” and feel great about starting. But it’s hard to actually stick to a program without support.

Hey, remember that we live in New Orleans. We understand. But now it’s time to put your energy into your own health and well being.

Have you noticed the thousands of blog post and articles telling you how to eat and get well? It’s nearly impossible to navigate the health jungle without unbiased, expert guidance.

At Balance, we understand how challenging it can be to start a self care practice. 

Even tougher? Sticking to it.

If it’s not the barrage of tempting social events that come your way, it’s your own waning motivation.

(It’s okay, we all lose motivation and get doubts)

Just for a moment, imagine this

  • You’re no longer struggling to find your way alone. You have guides and other people who have similar struggles.
  • You know exactly what to do. You have a plan for your self care and you’re committed to following it.
  • You feel (and look) amazing. You're glowing from the inside out. 

And the best part? You know that you’re taking care of yourself in a way that supports your long term health.

Okay, so you're ready? Let's get started...
Introducing 40 Days to Balance: Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Eating Challenge
March 10 - April 16th 2019

We’ve created the challenge so you can jump start your self care practice. 

Dedicate yourself to a daily yoga, meditation, and reflection practice for 40 days with the support of your yoga community.

Tap into the decades of wisdom of your yoga community to revolutionize your health. Befriend your mind and support your body with two keystone commitments.

  • Meditate 15 minutes every morning or evening followed by 10 minutes of silent journaling.

  • Take the junk out of your diet: no alcohol, no sugar, no meat.

Joining the 40 Days of Balance Meditation & Yoga Challenge includes

  • Support in your yoga, meditation and mindful eating for the duration of the challenge. March 10 - April 16th, 2019.
  • Kick off meeting March 10th at 5:30pm. Where you'll learn about the challenge, meet other participants, and get initial guidance on yoga, meditation and mindful eating.
  • Weekly meditation guidance via email from Mikhayla Anderson so you're motivated to keep up your practice.
  • Dietary guidance from Jessica Blanchard, Registered Dietitian and Ayurvedic Practitioner 
  • Completion celebration with other challenge participants and Balance Yoga Community
  • Making a Talisman art project 
  • Chance to win a free month of yoga, a manduka mat and more...
  • A discounted yoga pass for the duration of the challenge ($99 for 40 days of unlimited yoga)
  • A clear path to accomplish your health and wellness goals!

Are you ready to rise to your full potential? Are you ready to achieve your fitness goals? Are you ready to find your best self?

Let's do this together!

Investment: $99 (plus the cost of yoga)

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