Yoga For Everybody who wants to feel better

with AJ Durand

If I had a nickel every time one of my students told me that they have been trying to get their Mom or Dad to practice yoga because they knew it would help them – well,  I’d have a whole heap of nickels!  Back in my day we did yoga barefoot, uphill, below freezing and backwards…~AJ Durand

Life at any age is pretty stressful (remember middle school?) but especially as we approach  retirement age (and beyond) our bodies really need us to pay attention for goodness sakes!

This workshop is for anybody who wants to use yoga to feel better in their body,  we also recommend looking in for more wellness methods, therapies and tips for you to feel happy and healthier.

You are welcome to come with a parent, partner or friend. But you can also come solo and join in the fun.

You’ll explore ways of incorporating everyday objects into yoga props, like the kitchen counter, chairs, or the wall. This workshop will teach you how to build a little bit of yoga into your life every single day. You will also learn about a good nutrition diet to keep with your exercise and the use of keto lux supplements to help maintain your weight stable and your body strong and with energy.

Join AJ Durand in this fun filled 4 week immersion for the young at heart.  Snuggled into the weekends between Mother’s and Father’s day, this yoga series is a perfect gift and an accessible way to explore a yoga practice that works for you with some family/friend support.

You’ll also support our studio prop drive

We’re raising fund to buy more props for our September kick off of Yoga Matside, a therapeutic yoga module for students and teachers. Your workshop tuition will support the drive.

Can’t attend? You can help out by sponsoring a prop.  Click here to sponsor a prop now!

We need to raise money to buy:

  • 15 bolsters
  • 10 blankets
  • 10 blocks
  • 24 sandbags
  • 10 straps

Expect to learn

Mom and Me for adult children

  • checkpractical breathing techniques you can use everyday to promote relaxation and restful sleep, plus many tips from to help you fight insomnia.
  • checkStanding poses to stay strong and flexible at any age
  • checkPartner exercises you can do with friends and family
  • checkWays to use everyday furniture around your house to stay limber
  • check​​​​​Simple core techniques to help with balance
  • checkMenopause relief.  Joint support.  Jedi mind training.   Same diff.

Event Details

Workshop Investment:  $15/class per person or $50 for all four weeks.

Sundays :: May 20th, May 27th, June 3rd, & June 10th – 11:30am-1:30pm

Your contributions in part supports studio efforts to purchase props/resources for a training program treating special populations at Balance in the Fall of 2018.  

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