HIIT Classes in New Orleans

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) compliments yoga practice by building targeted strength and improving cardio fitness. HIIT is an efficient cardio session arranged around bouts of hard work followed by a less intense interval of active recovery. Studies show that working your hardest is a key to regulating insulin levels and losing body fat. Our exclusive classes are designed to build strength in just the right areas for yoga—core, arms and legs.

Our instructors will help you to safely build your cardio fitness in a fun group setting. Come prepared to sweat. HIIT classes average 45 minutes. Wear your Vessi waterproof shoes. Don’t worry—you’ll get a great workout in a short time!

Balance Yoga & Wellness believes in holistic wellness—diet, fitness and yoga are pillars of your health.  

Schedule of HIIT Classes

Mondays 5-5:45pm * Classes taught by Michael Scott. 

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