Class descriptions

Balance Yoga and Wellness is not a “one size fits all” yoga studio.

Our teachers provide thorough, educated, playful and mindful insight into your body, mind and deeper consciousness. Our classes give you a unique taste of yoga’s gifts of peace, joy and health.

We invite you to try a variety of class styles and teachers until you find your perfect match.

Intro Classes
If you are new to yoga and think that you are not flexible or strong enough, start here.  Our highly-qualified teachers will lead you step-by-step through your first steps in your yoga journey.  In these classes you will receive detailed instruction on proper alignment, yogic breathing, and the background of yoga.  You will have the chance to ask lots of questions and connect with others who are also new to yoga.

We offer five and six week Intro to Yoga series for those who would like to start with a group and be guided step by step, each week building on the next.  The teacher will even provide handouts and help you to begin to incorporate yoga into your everyday life.

Beginners Ashtanga
Learn to connect to your breath and your body in a safe, supported environment.  You will be guided through the sun salutations and the standing postures of the Ashtanga Series.  Each week different postures from the seated sequence will be explored, followed by a relaxing finishing series.  Beginners’ Ashtanga gives you a firm foundation in the Ashtanga Series and prepares you for attending Mysore style or Guided Primary Series classes.   This class is suitable for all levels of students.

Mysore style

Develop a deeper understanding of yoga in relation to your individual body type

Imagine a semi-private class where you practice according to the pace of your own breath. You move through postures with your individual strengths and restrictions in mind. The teacher provides guidance and adjustments tailored to you alone. Detailed hands-on assistance will help you to avoid mis-alignments that can lead to injury. This style of instruction builds on the traditional Ashtanga approach first established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.

Discovering this type of independence in yoga has a profound impact on your practice.

In guided classes, instruction is provided to the group as a whole and the pace depends on the teacher.

Mysore classes allows you the freedom to work within your own unique boundaries. You work one-on-one with an instructor whose adjustments are informed by compassion, respect and intelligence.

Led Ashtanga:  Full Primary and Half Primary
The teacher guides students through each posture in the Primary Series.   Students learn awareness of the connection between the breath and the body as they move in and out of postures. This is a dynamic class that focuses on the traditional vinyasa method, and presents all or half of the Primary Series.  Classes focus on correct breathing, alignment,  mental focus (dristhi) and moving with the pattern of the breath.  Be prepared to sweat!

Vinyasa classes are often dynamic where the emphasis is on movement and flowing into and out of postures.  We offer Vinyasa classes for newer students (All Level) and and more seasoned practitioners (Level 2 or 3).

Community Classes
Community classes reflect individual teacher’s training and are always donation based.  Instruction generally emphasizes alignment, full breath, and doing the poses attentively, deeply and non-aggressively.  These classes are great for those new to yoga.

Align and Refine Classes

Align and Refine is an Anusara-based class that offers practitioners a playful and energetic experience based on principles of alignment and a heart-opening attitude. The moving structure of the body accessed through strong alignment allows for an expansive, challenging and fun practice. The philosophical underpinnings of this style seek out and celebrate the inherent strengths and challenges in our body as a vehicle for deep and lasting transformation.

In restorative yoga classes, students use yoga props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps to facilitate holding of poses for long periods of time (between 5 – 20 minutes).  Restorative Yoga allows the practitioner to reach a deep state of relaxation helping to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and stimulate the immune system.  By letting go of muscular tension with the support of props, the body is given a chance to rest deeply, allowing chronic stress to dissipate and healing to occur.  This practice is a quiet and internal, allowing the practitioner to relax and release in both mind and body.