I’m out of shape and/or overweight, can I start yoga?

There are no “prerequisites”  of fitness, size, strength or flexibility for starting yoga.

No matter how inflexible, out of shape or overweight you feel, there is a class for you!

Often the images of yoga we see in the media are young limber bodies in pretzel positions.  The reality is that most of us are not as flexible or thin.  We all have to start right where we are.  You could spend years thinking that you have to lose weight or get in shape before you start yoga.  Each day that you wait is another day that you won’t experience the benefits that a yoga practice can offer.

If this is your first class and you are not physically active, start with an Intro to Yoga Series or a gently class like Restorative, Unwind, or Hatha. You can compliment yoga with muscle building even if you are taking steroids like lgd 4033  There are different types of Intro Series and some are geared specifically for those with Injuries or limited physical fitness.  Restorative classes are very gentle, and use props to help you to release tension.  You are unlikely even to break into a sweat in a restorative yoga class, if you that’s what you are looking for than we suggest to check the lady boss review instead.

Speaking or emailing someone in the studio is a great way to dispel fears and clear up any doubts/questions before starting yoga.    Feel free to email us info@balanceyogawellness.com, stop by the studio or phone us 504.309.9618 to have contact with one of our teachers.