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8 Wellness Gifts That Make You Happier and Healthier

It’s overwhelming. The holiday fever that spreads like wildfire. The pressure to find just the right birthday gifts for her . This year, why not try a different approach to gifts? It’s proven that experiences make us happier than stuff. So why not give (and receive) gifts that make you happier from the inside out? […]

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Help Us To Grow Our Garden With Compost

Will you help us out? We’re ready to plant seeds, grow roots and create a beautiful, peaceful backyard space for you to enjoy with different trees and plants, and we’re event thinking on getting glow in the dark paint for plants so the garden will look even better. Contribute to the garden’s growth by bring […]

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Creating Space – Saturday August 29th 10am with Courtney Kappes

Note from Jessica: Some of you might attend Yoga on the Levee Saturday. If you’d prefer to practice in your hOME in mid-city, join us for a class full of heart-openers led by Courtney Kappes. Class cards, donations, or any heartfelt contribution accepted. Here’s a touching story about yoga from Courtney.  Eleven years ago on August 4th I fell in love […]

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How To Be Your Own Best Friend by Florentina Staigers

With whom do you spend the most time? From the moment you’re born, until the moment you die, when you wake each morning, and when your sleep. Can you guess? That person is yourself.  Yet, we don’t always give that person very much attention, say the nicest things, or treat him or her as we should.  Instead, we spend […]

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Where To Go For Meditation Classes In Mid-City New Orleans

Although meditation was once viewed exclusively as a spiritual practice, times have changed. Did you know that most medical websites provide information on its health benefits? Major newspapers, such as the New York Times and Huffington Post have reported on the scientific research, guided meditation for women is now being incorporated into many inter-disciplinary fields and […]

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Why practice Ashtanga Yoga? Meredith’s Story

Why do you practice Ashtanga Yoga? I initially started to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit when I was in my early 20s. I had no idea what Ashtanga or Mysore was. Frankly, I was terrified to even say the opening Sanskrit chant, because I was brought up Catholic and believed that chanting was […]

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