Wednesdays in October at 6pm

Meditation in the Japanese Garden—Wednesdays in October at 6pm

Enjoy a peaceful evening of meditation in one of New Orleans' exquisite outdoor spaces. The Japanese Garden lives in City Park's Botanical Gardens. 

Part of the "Evenings with Enrique" the park is open later on Wednesdays with live music 5:30-8pm, admission to the Botanical Garden is free for locals, sponsored by the Helis Foundation.

Would you like to lower your STRESS levels, spend more time outdoors AND improve your sleep?

Meditation has been proven to lower stress, improve mood and even help with sleep. Spending time outdoors is also linked to better sleep and hormonal regulation. 

Join us in the Japanese Garden in City Park for a meditation Wednesdays in October at 6pm. Then stroll over to the Helis Foundation Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden to enjoy the music and cocktails. Wednesdays in October & April “Evenings with Enrique” at the Helis Foundation Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden allows free entrance to the Botanical Gardens and special extended evening hours.

Meditation teachers from Balance Yoga will guide you through simple practices based on Mindfulness, Tantra and Buddhism.

Details & Location

October 2nd - Tracey Anne Duncan
October 9th - Melissa Geiss
October 16th - Sierra Vandervort
October 23 - Sierra Vandervort
October 30th - Tracey Anne Duncan

Meditation 6~6:45pm, the garden is open Wednesdays in April for extended hours, from 10am until 8pm. Donations to the Japanese Garden Foundation are encouraged but not obligatory.

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Enter the Botanical Garden through the Oscar J. Tolmas Building at 5 Victory Avenue. The Japanese Garden is located behind the Tolmas Center, toward the other end of the Botanical Garden. 

Bring a meditation cushion or something to sit on. We will sit on the deck, gravel and in the tea house.  We have tatami mats for sitting.

Questions? email jessica (at) 

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